Poetry in the Garden with TwoSnake

Featuring Rachel Rabbit White and gin hart

Sunday, July 21, 2019, 7PM

As a part of programming for Spencer Longo: 5,000 A.D., Two Snake and Garden present “Poetry in the Garden” featuring Rachel Rabbit White and gin hart.

Two Snake is a monthly reading series based out of East Hollywood.

Rachel Rabbit White is a poet, essayist, and prose writer from Brooklyn. Their first collection of poems is coming out in Fall 2019 with Wonder.

gin hart is a worker, an activist, and a soothfast fool living on Ohlone land. Find them in print in Libertines in the Anteroom of Love & West Wind Review/online in BÆST, Blush, MISTRESS, Paradise Now, Elderly and others + irl getting grass stains wriggling to train sounds in the park at night. With mal young, they edit dirt child, a lit mag // fawnbrawl.land.