Maura Brewer and Paul Pescador,

Screening: The Ride

Mother’s Day: Sunday May 13, 2018, 8 – 10PM


God creates dinosaurs,
God destroys dinosaurs,
God creates Man,
Man kills God,
Man brings back dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs eat Man,
Woman inherits the Earth.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Garden is pleased to present The Ride, a one-night screening event for Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13, 2018. Artists Maura Brewer and Paul Pescador will discuss the evolution of the Jurassic Park franchise, familial power dynamics, and sex determination in dinosaurs through the structure of an interactive theme park ride. Each artist takes up the position of park employee and visitor as they reflect on the role of motherhood on this very special day. Hold onto your butts, the park is now open!
A signature cocktail will be served.

Maura Brewer and Paul Pescador are visual artists who collaborate on holidays. Together, they make videos and performances at the intersection of politics and pop culture. These investigations have been presented at Roger’s Office, Machine Projects, Human Resources and Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles.